Gates Micro-V Kit EMD Stop-Start

Maintaining Performance on EMD Stop-Start Systems

GATES explains how Electro-Mechanical Drive (EMD) stop-start systems can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% and what it takes to maintain their optimal performance.

GS Automotive Batteries

GS Automotive Batteries Revitalised

GS Automotive batteries feature new case designs and fresh livery with their superior performance.

Are Hybrid Vehicles The Way Forward?

The increasing demand for hybrid cars has created an emerging market for hybrid compatible components in the aftermarket.
Stealth Pro Series - See Clearly, Drive Safely! - Help Keep Your Family Michelin Safe!

Hybrid Wiper Blades

Hybrid wiper blades combine the strengths of traditional blades (effective wraparound on curved windscreens) and flat blades (aerodynamic efficiency, reduced clogging, and aesthetics). And now, the Michelin Stealth hybrid wiper blade range is available to order from FPS.