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Under new regulations, UK employers with more than 250 employees must publish their gender pay gap. Analysing our gender pay gap will prove to be a critical measurement of our company. Whilst our data identifies certain gaps, we intend to be fully transparent as to any issues causing this gap.

The main cause of our gender pay gap, as with many companies, is largely due to the lack of women at the most senior levels of our company. Further reasons include industry trends seen in those applying for roles and a skills shortage for certain roles.

Although the report identifies gaps in certain areas, this largely reflects the proportion of male and female employees within the company which is mainly driven by those applying for roles with us. As a company we stand by our Equal Opportunities policy and encourage all applicants to consider a career with us.

We will use the figures from the gender pay gap in line with our recruitment and progression planning procedures to ensure that action is taken to reduce these gaps going forwards in line with our aim for everyone at our company to build and sustain a successful career with us.

FPS Statistics

Quartile Summary Male Female
Lower Quartile 70.3% 29.7%
Lower Middle Quartile 79.7% 20.3%
Upper Middle Quartile 80.6% 19.4%
Upper Quartile 81.5% 18.5%


Hourly Summary
Mean Gender Pay Gap in hourly pay 7.70%
Median Gender Pay Gap in hourly pay 1.40%


Bonus Summary
Proportion of male relevant employees with bonus pay 88.30%
Proportion of female relevant employees with bonus pay 91.99%
Mean gender pay gap in bonus pay 65.75%
Median gender pay gap in bonus pay 0.00%
Employee Headcount 1105