Payen gaskets

Payen Gasket Advancements

Changes in engine technology aim to provide improved durability, performance and fuel efficiency, but this means gasket designs need to change too. Federal-Mogul tells us what they’re doing to lead the way in gasket technology.

The head gasket is designed to retain the pressure created by the combustion of fuel inside the engine and ensures that the internal combustion process is properly contained. Because of this, the gasket is subject to extremes in temperature and pressure so needs to be suitably maintained.


Made for High-Pressure Jobs

Light and medium duty engines now use multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder head gaskets. These can be made thinner to minimise dead air volume in the combustion chamber and help to improve emissions. They also make more efficient use of the available clamp load to optimise the seal.

Steel-elastomer systems also allow for lower clamp loads and improved durability. A lower clamp load for sealing means the structure can be lighter – and of course, lighter structures equal improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.


Federal-Mogul Advances in Engine Technology

The Payen Coriusim® and Coriuseal® gaskets are excellent examples of Federal-Mogul’s understanding of aftermarket needs, and advances in engine technology. This new range of green gaskets helps achieve a perfect seal, with excellent performance right from the start. The Coriuseal® gasket is designed to improve temperature and abrasion resistance increasing productivity and lifetime. Alternatively, Coriusim® gaskets help to minimise bore distortion in order to reduce oil consumption and optimise piston ring performance.

With over 8000 Payen references in the FPS catalogue, there is a part for any engine. Payen gaskets are available for same/next-day from FPS via the F:Drive, and MAM Autocat. For more information, please speak to your local FPS representative.

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