Jelly belly duo range

Jelly Belly Duo – Double The Sales Opportunity

Jelly Belly introduces the Jelly Belly Duo as their newest sales opportunity and the latest addition to their popular range of vehicle air fresheners.

Despite the heat outside, Jelly Belly continues to keep things fresh in the car. Jelly Belly has taken their bestselling vent design and adapted it by popular demand. Following the success of their iconic 3D hanging car fresheners, the original scents such as Very Cherry, Bubble Gum, Tutti-Frutti and Blueberry are available in this cute and compact design.

Twice the Great Design

The Duo collection expands the popular Vent Mount range which clips onto the car air freshener vents, offering a more discreet option than traditional hanging air fresheners. The vent air fresheners are made from the same distinctive EVA polymer as the rest of the range which not only looks great but is extremely durable. The new vent membrane technology is designed to release the fragrance consistently over 30 days to ensure the car smells fruity for a full month and provides an even and sweet waft of fragrance whenever the car’s fans are operating. The pair of air fresheners gives the user more control as they can create a stronger scent in the front or distribute the smell throughout the car further by placing one on a back seat vent. Additionally, the 360° rotation allows the scent to be angled in whichever direction is preferred.

A Standout Line

The Duo line comes in a variety of tried and tested fruity flavours from Blueberry to Very Cherry. The new packaging on the whole Jelly Belly range, complete with ‘scratch and sniff’ labels, helps the brand stand out in stores. This exciting new collection will invigorate the car freshener category with its bright colours and fun fragrances while complementing the current range of options including the Jewel, Cocktail Classics, Gel Cans, and of course the 3D hanging air fresheners.


Available Now

The Duo range is available now from FPS for next-day delivery. Please visit the F:Drive for the full range of scents, or speak to your FPS representative for more information.




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