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With the push to reach environmental targets and eco-friendly technology emerging, it’s easy to think that diesel vehicles are on the way out. Carwood begs to differ.

While it’s true that technology is rapidly improving, and we should be supporting every effort to reduce pollution, it will still be a while before the infrastructure is in place for the wider use of electric or alternative fuel vehicles. In the meantime, diesel remains the most feasible, realistic and affordable option for long-haul transport and passenger cars.

A Diesel Hybrid Future

Carwood predicts that hybrid cars will bridge the gap until greener options are widely available as they strike a balance between environmental impact and performance. In fact, sales of hybrids peaked in September 2018 with over 15,000 units sold in the UK and sales of mild-hybrid vehicles are expected to balloon fifty-fold to 35 million cars by 2030, compared with just 9 million for electric cars. In contrast, demand for diesel-powered vehicles is forecast to fall by about 40% versus 2017.

Mazda Innovation

Major manufacturers, including Mazda, are committed to developing the diesel hybrid engine. Mazda will use a simple, low-cost system called a “mild hybrid” which will feature a 48-volt battery and a small motor to give an extra boost during acceleration and other phases of driving. Mazda says the new model, which combines the hybrid system with a new engine designed to be 10% more fuel efficient, will improve the mileage of the hybrid by around 20% versus Mazda’s current diesel engine, which is already considered the world’s most efficient.

Carwood’s Contribution

FPS have recently introduced an additional 20 common rail injectors and 10 common rail pumps from Carwood’s range. Highlights include:

• DFI28272472 – Service Exchange CR Injector for Mercedes A-Series 2.2 (2015>)
• DFI28388960 – Service Exchange CR Injector for Ford Kuga 2.0 (2014>)

The Carwood range is available from FPS for same/next-day delivery. For more information please ask your local representative or look on the F:Drive.

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