Polco car covers

Covering All Bases

Polco shares why their extensive range of car covers is worth investing in.

Polco’s selection of car accessories has grown in strength over 2018, especially their quality car covers which are suitable for a broad range of applications. Polco explains what makes their range special.

Fit For Purpose

The issue with many car cover ranges today is their ability to stay on the car – quality waterproofing is no use if it’s on the floor! Polco combats that problem on their covers with elasticated hems at the front and rear, ideal for ensuring a quick and secure fit, as well as fabric eyelets to attach the supplied fixing strap to for extra peace of mind.


Their fully waterproof covers are manufactured from a layered combination of PVC, waterproof membrane, and a cotton lining. These covers prioritise protection; the cotton lining aims to defend the paintwork*, while the taped seams and air vents prevent condensation, meaning the cover can be used for extended periods of time.

*which unfortunately makes them unsuitable for classic/vintage cars or mohair soft tops

Polco car cover

Or Water Resistant

Alternatively, Polco’s water resistant covers are perfect for lighter usage and protection from pollutants including dust, tree sap, and bird droppings. These work perfectly on all vehicles for short periods of time, as these high quality covers are made from a durable polyester for superior weather protection.

Available From FPS

FPS offers an exceptional retail opportunity with this superb range which incorporates quality, choice and an excellent price, all wrapped up in Polco’s iconic blue packaging. Speak to your local FPS representative for more details or view the whole range on the F:Drive where you can also find a useful fitting guide.


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