Arnott rear axle for Mercedes e-Class

Arnott Improves on OE Design for Mercedes Rear Axle

Latest product release from ARNOTT decreases installation time by up to 1500% for Mercedes E-Class rear axles!

With strong misconception that quality air suspension components are not available in the aftermarket, alongside the idea that these are difficult to fit, 99% of air suspension part replacements are still directed to the dealer today. While motorists have to pay more for repairs as a result of an outdated misconception, there is missed opportunity for the aftermarket as air suspension systems make up 4% of the UK car parc. With practice and experience, Arnott knows how to improve on OE parts, to make it more beneficial for both, the aftermarket and motorist.


Mercedes-Bez E-Class rear axle
OE Mercedes-Benz E-Class rear axle Vs. Arnott design.

Arnott’s release of their latest innovation make the installer’s job easier and more profitable when replacing rear axles for the Mercedes E-Class/CLS-class (W211/9).

The OE design features an external reservoir that can make the part quite laborious to fit due to the accessibility of its position. By integrating the external reservoir in the product itself, the new design saves installers up to 7 hours of labour when installing the part. This means that the Arnott rear axle can be installed in as little as 30 minutes!

Furthermore, the narrow construction of the lower mount has been changed into a solid, conic mount with the correct angle for the right installation. Instead of the necessary (often skipped), multi-step air-up procedure, the Arnott mount is constructed to just inflate the air spring in one single step, saving time and reducing the risk of damage.

This saves the motor factor from dealing with a warranty claim, while the motorist will not feel any difference to performance and durability in comparison to the original product.


The integration of the air reservoir into the air springs brings the necessity to replace both rear springs to ensure even ride height. If the installer fails to do that, an error code could appear due to a difference in air volume as a result of the new-old rear axle combination. Any customer queries regarding the replacement in pairs, can be elevated by cost saving and the assurance that the other side is likely to approaching the end of its service lifespan.


Available from FPS via the F:Drive and MAM Autocat, Arnott components are available for same/next-day delivery. Find out more about Arnott and the sales opportunities they present by speaking with your local FPS representative.

If you would like to tell your customer about this, speak to your local FPS representative who can organise personalised flyers for you.

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