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It has been a year since FPS had broken ground to construct a warehouse extension to cater for growing customer needs. VITAL NEWS catches up on the progress and what is in store for the future.

It has been an eventful year of progress, growth and hard work over at FPS. In an effort to continue catering for the growing needs of the aftermarket, the company has invested significantly in their warehousing facilities, transport fleet, human resource and process streamlining.


In October last year, FPS commenced construction of a 15,000 sq ft extension at their National Distribution Centre situated at Parkway Rise in Sheffield. This extension features a two-storey mezzanine floor which creates 45,000 sq ft of new storage space for racking.

This proved to be more challenging than originally anticipated with the particularly harsh winter conditions. Despite the winter refusing to release its frosty grip on the nation until mid-March this year, construction powered through.

Currently, the warehouse team is working to optimise shelf space for maximum capacity. The National Distribution Centre also saw the completion of the brand new canopy at the end of October. This canopy will provide much needed covered space for marshalling products at the site to allow more efficient stock movement.

FPS Sheffield Canopy


In April this year, the FPS branch delivery fleet had reached full capacity for the first time. To continue delivering what the customer needs, FPS has invested in the transport fleet significantly.

In the last 6 months, FPS has reinforced their logistics fleet by:

  • Introducing 3 new artic trucks to the logistic fleet
  • Enhancing staff numbers within the logistics team
  • Boosting the number of van runs in order to cater for the overspill requirement for Liverpool, Preston, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester when needed
  • Increasing the capacity of the branch fleet with new, larger vehicles

As the company continues to see growth in demand, capacity across the fleet is constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure increased volumes of stock can reach their destination at the right time.


FPS is very thankful for the customers who candidly share their opinions. Through honest feedback, the company is able to develop ways to better serve the aftermarket.

While the aftermarket is approaching a new world of automotive technology, FPS is working hard to build a warehousing and logistical system that best suits the needs of today and tomorrow. As every day brings a new set of challenges, the employees strive to tackle them in a timely manner, while putting measures in place to cater for the future.


The blank canvas of empty shelves in a brand new warehouse presents lots of exciting opportunities. However, if not managed properly, this can compromise the efficiency and safety of warehouse operatives.

One of the key challenges of stocking shelves in a warehouse is knowing ‘where to put what’. At FPS, this challenge is further compounded because the new warehouse is an extension of an existing and fully functioning one that processes up to 44,000 lines a day.

FPS has a specialised team of experts dedicated to warehouse operations and inventory management. Immersed in the day-today warehouse operations, the team is tasked to provide real and practical strategies to streamline processes and shelving strategies for better customer service. The science of modern warehousing is truly more than throwing stock on the shelves!

FPS Extension



If you have an account with FPS and would like more information on this article please get in touch with your local warehouse or Territory Manager, alternatively use our enquiry form.

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