Winter Cycling Essentials to keep you Safe on the Wet and Gritty Roads

Get stocked up on these cycling essentials to maximise your road safety during the cold and wet months ahead.

When familiar terrain feels different due to the change in weather, winter cycling brings a whole new set of exhilarating challenges for cyclists. To ensure they stay safe while they continue to improve their RPMs during the winter, cyclists will be likely to stock up on the following items. Be sure to have them to avoid being left out in the cold with sales this winter.


With late sunrises and early sunsets in winter, riding in the dark is more than likely to happen. Recent advances in LED lighting has done away with heavy and bulky bicycle lighting. LED lighting has also proven to out-perform traditional lighting with quick charging times (maximum of 2 hours), extended battery life (up to 12 hours on blink mode), waterproof designs and visibility of up to 1000 metres.

FPS stocks a range of 17 LED lights under the Sport Direct® and AWE brands.


While it is important for cyclists to see clearly in low light situations, it is also critical for them to be seen. This means, many riders need to wear reflective apparel, or use a product with a significant amount of reflective detailing.

Sport Direct® has a wide variety of reflective products including high visibility gloves, rucksack covers, helmet covers, spoke clips and arm/ ankle bands to name a few.


Even on familiar terrain, conditions are likely to change with the cold weather. Roads are frequently wet and gritty. This means that it is often a good idea for cyclists to fit heavier tyres during the winter. On top of being less costly than lightweight ones, they are less likely to puncture from the barrage of wintry elements.

FPS has a range of 8 tyres that are well suited for colder conditions.


During the winter months, cycle braking is of utmost importance for the safety of cyclists and other road users. Sport Direct® invested greatly in a year-long development programme to produce the AWE range of precision brake blocks and disc brake pads. The range offers enhanced braking, with technology enabling water displacement, friction placement and anti-squeal properties.

The semi-metallic disc brake pads from AWE offer excellent braking in hot and cold as well as wet and dry conditions. With good wear resistance, optimum heat deflection and dissipation, smooth and safe braking is assured every time.

Winter-Proofing a Bike

Cyclists should take added measures in caring for their bikes during winter as moisture and grit can be brutal to the chains. By giving the bike a wipe down to remove excess moisture and road salts after a ride, cyclists are reducing the chance of chain corrosion. Following that, cyclists can look into using a thicker, wet-weather chain lubricant that will not get washed away too easily.

FPS stocks a range of bicycle maintenance products from Fenwicks which include cycle cleaner, disc brake cleaner, wet weather chain lube and the fast blast degreaser.

Also available is popular bicycle maintenance brand Muc-Off, with wheel and brake brushes, wheel cleaner and silicone shine wax within its range.

Products mentioned in this article can be found on the F:Drive under Travel & Touring>Cycling. Alternatively, speak to your local FPS representative for more information.


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