Polco Car mats

Why should you stock Polco’s car mats?

POLCO presents their diverse range of car mats as a strong additional sales opportunity.

Whether the vehicle belongs to a car enthusiast or family with young children and pets, car mats are a good investment for a variety of reasons. The interior floor of vehicles are often subjected to a multitude of dirt, food, grease and general wear and tear. Investing in quality car mats help to protect the interior of the vehicle, maintains its resale value and of course, sharpens the interior aesthetics.

Recognising the profit opportunity available to resellers, Polco car mats offer customers a cost-effective solution to protect the vehicle’s original carpet whilst giving it a stylish appearance. The Polco range includes tailored floor mats and boot mats, as well as universal mats.


Polco tailored floor mats and boot mats are available in three material options – standard carpet (black), premium carpet (charcoal) and rubber.

Manufactured to OE dimensions, Polco tailored floor mats offer a perfect fit for more than 1,500 vehicles. This provides a sleeker aesthetic of the vehicle’s footwell in comparison to the universal options available in the market. The tailored floor mats are also reinforced with anti-slip backing to prevent the mats from moving within the footwell. Location holes and fitting clips where relevant are also available to attach mats to the vehicle carpet. There are also more than 1,500 tailored boot mats in range that precisely fit a wide range of vehicles.

To help motor factors to ensure their customers in ordering the correct fit, Polco has made a Tailored Mat Application Guide available on the F:Drive. This is accessible by placing a search for ‘Polco Mats’ on the F:Drive and clicking ‘View Tailored Mat Guide’ on the top of the page.


Polco also offers universal mats available in standard, luxury and premier options. Customers can choose from black, beige and grey* with a variety of coloured binding and stitching options. All universal car mats by Polco include heel pads for extra reinforcement against wear. The universal range of vehicle mats was designed to cater for more diverse dimensions to provide protection to the footwell of most vehicles.

(*depending on the mat style)


In line with Polco’s attention grabbing brand identity, Polco’s most popular vehicle mats are packaged or positive, in-store customer interaction. With informative header cards and hangers, the vehicle mats provide a commanding and professional in-store presence in retail displays.

Polco vehicle mat stock pack offers the top 10 standard tailored floor mats, making it convenient for motor factors to invest in a comprehensive range of styling accessories to engage the customer. Savings from stock packs also allow for excellent margin opportunity.


Polco’s continually expanding range of vehicle mats covers more than 1,500 vehicle types. The range of available from FPS via next-day delivery. The range can be found on the F:Drive under Accessories & Styling>Interior>Floor Mats OR Boot Mats & Liners. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.


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