How does our 360° programme work?

How does our 360 programme work?

Our 360° programme aims to bring the automotive aftermarket up to speed with emerging technology and niche products.

The automotive aftermarket thrives when it is able to provide parts that are relevant and in demand. At FPS, we complete a lot of research to ensure that we are helping to bridge application gaps and that our customers are able to source the parts that they need through our 360° programme.

By reviewing requests and feedback from our customers, the 360° team takes great care in procuring the parts and subsequently meet the demands of the automotive aftermarket.

The 360° Programme Process

This is how the 360 programme works, in only 5 easy steps we help our customers by sourcing hard-to-find parts for them to stock.

360 Programme Process

1. Enquiry

The process begins with customer enquiries that are made via our representatives, customer services or our online enquiry form.

2. Research

The 360° team searches the industry for reliable suppliers who can offer the part that is missing from our range.

3. Analyse

Our team then reviews the part, cross references this and judges its potential market performance.

4.  In Stock

The part is stocked by FPS and catalogued.

5. Feedback

The 360° team monitors the parts performance and feeds back its availability to the customers.

Keeping our Customers in the Loop

As with all initiatives, it’s important to remind our customers that our 360° programme is here to help them. We let them know as soon as a new product is added or when we extend our range so they can communicate this to their own customers who fit the parts. We do this via email, by creating adverts on our ecommerce platform the F:Drive, Flyers and through our popular quarterly magazine VitalNews.

Have you spotted a gap in our range recently? Are you an FPS customer? Then let us know either by speaking to your local FPS respresentitive or emailing the 360° team. 


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