VRM Lookup makes finding the right parts easy

FPS has introduced the VRM Lookup feature on the F:Drive to help customers save time finding parts to fit specific vehicles.

This handy feature displays a wide range of parts that match a specific car by using only the registration number.  For each part shown in the search results, FPS supplies detailed application information to help identify the right part for the job; the compare tool even allows for a direct comparison of the technical specification of two or more parts to help with this decision.

Once a user account has been activated for VRM Lookup, a handy search box shows at the side of the Components page.  The user can then simply enter the registration number and select ‘Find vehicle’ to locate a part and then further refine the search by selecting a product group.

VRM Lookup screengrab

The credit system makes paying for the facility really simple. Each credit costs 8p and is valid for one vehicle search. Credits can be purchased in the same way as parts, by following the ‘Buy credits’ link, entering the quantity required and adding it to the F:Drive basket. There is no quantity restriction, meaning as many or as few credits can be purchase as required.

The tool allows quick filtering through the extensive parts catalogue on the F:Drive; combined with the comprehensive product information provided by the site, finding the right parts has been substantially simplified.

For more information or to activate VRM Lookup, please contact the FPS Customer Service team on 01789 413 050.