Vital News Q3 2017 – A note from our Managing Director

Welcome note from the Managing Director, Neil Davis.

At a blink of an eye, the first half of 2017 has flown by, the most recent excitement coming from the general election result, and closer to home Automechanika Birmingham.

The election has brought another surprising result. Seemingly, the youth vote mobilised after their disappointment at the Brexit result, turning out in higher numbers to ensure their voice was heard. It also seems that the combination of a rather detached and disconnected Conservative party upsetting older voters with their social care policies, combined with a digital media savvy Labour party connecting with the young and promising largesse from their magic money tree, resulted in a hung parliament.

If a coalition can be formed, this could well prove to be a good outcome. With continuing attempts to balance the books reasonably, resulting in sensible economic policies and increased spending might reflect nation needs on healthcare and education. We may even get a half-sensible approach to Europe. Here’s hoping!

Automechanika Birmingham showed in good form as ever, with a generally buoyant start to the year being the general opinion. Alongside further recent consolidation in the sector, the key takeaways seemed to be discussion over the 4-1-1 MOT, post-Brexit type-approval and in particular, connected technology. Overall, the sector remains robust, with the IAAF estimating that the UK independent aftermarket is worth more than £13.5 billion and provides more than 250,000 jobs, making us one of the largest in Europe. With vehicle manufacturers paving the way for 100% connected vehicles by 2025, the Right2Choose campaign is therefore an important campaign to ensure the aftermarket continues to thrive.

At FPS, we work with our suppliers to maintain best practices within the aftermarket to reinforce the confidence of motorists whilst giving them options to maintain their vehicles in a way that works best for them. This issue’s cover story explores Gates’ latest generation Micro-V® belts that mirror their OE range in design and performance.  Read more about this on page 4.

Also in this issue, we get insight from our other suppliers, Bosch, Carwood, Klarius, febi, First Line, LUK, Federal-Mogul, Cambiare, Nissens, Polco, Upol, Mont Blanc and Royal.

As always, we look forward to your feedback on how to provide you with excellent services to make the business better.

Thank you and happy reading!

Neil Davis

Managing Director, FPS.

Neil Davis


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