Vital News Q2 2017

Welcome note from the Managing Director, Neil Davis.

As we enter the second quarter of 2017, macroeconomic changes from Brexit and the US elections have yet to fully unfold. Whilst we watch how these changes can potentially cascade into the automotive aftermarket, there are some important topics that need resolutions closer to home.

The open consultation of extending the first MOT test has recently gained more traction with it closing on April 16th. Whilst motorists may see the immediate appeal of saving money, many argue that it is a case of ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ for the British economy. Implications to the automotive industry aside, more than 20% of vehicles fail their first MOT. Extending the MOT frequency can lead to higher failure rates as non-roadworthy vehicles with no official mileage or emissions recorded remain on UK roads for an extended year. If you have strong opinions on this, there is still time to voice them to the government.

Speaking of emissions, the talk of a national diesel scrappage scheme and murmurs of imposing a pollution tax on new diesel vehicles to combat air pollution has had its criticisms. In this climate, the odds seem to be stacked against diesel vehicles despite its current significance in the UK car parc. There will be changes to the aftermarket, the only question remaining is the extent of these changes.

However, changes often bring forth new opportunities. Perhaps we will a shift in demand for hybrid parts and expertise going forward? Only time will tell.

In FPS, we keep an eye on emerging technology and niche products in the aftermarket through the 360° programme. Also be sure to check out the latest developments from Cambiare, Kilen, K&N, Fahren, First Line, Gates, Carwood, Nissens, PMA Valeting, Autotek, Royal and Mont Blanc.

Being recognised by CAT Magazine as Supplier of the Year was a wonderful hallmark for FPS as it represented the cohesive relationship we have with our customers, suppliers and colleagues. I want to thank FPS suppliers and customers for their continued support over the years. FPS understands the importance of product availability, the right mix of brands and customer service. With that, we keep investing into efforts to continue supporting the aftermarket better.

Thank you and happy reading!

Neil Davis
Managing Director, FPS.

Neil Davis


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