Vital News October

Vital News October Out Now!

Welcome note from Neil Davis, Managing Director.

Welcome to the final issue of Vital News for 2016.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of change. We started with Brexit, the market’s knee-jerk reaction to the surprise outcome, and then the slow realisation that the world hadn’t ended as we “kept calm and carried on”. Then the massive GB medal haul at the Olympics, what a shame half the races were in the middle of the night as the US media controlled the schedules, but still a fantastic achievement.

Following this, we then have our very own “Lexit”, with the announcement that Lookers has reached an agreement whereby the Parts Division (consisting of FPS, Apec and BTN) will transfer to the ownership of Alliance Automotive Group, a large European aftermarket business, backed by Blackstone. As with Brexit, this was a surprise for many, but we really see it as moving from a main dealer investor to an aftermarket investor. We will continue to run independently and work as hard as we can to serve all of our customers to the best of our ability, just as we have always strived to do, so essentially no change.

As a demonstration of this, this issue of Vital News covers our continual efforts to reinforce our supply chain where we catch up on the progress of our Super Branches. Our commitment to delivering value and quality has led us to invest in the expansion of our quality control centre. Find out more about the extensive measures that our team have put in place to set the standard in customer satisfaction and QC.

This issue also celebrates a recent partnership with aftermarket giant, Mahle. This has afforded FPS to further galvanise and expand our component portfolio. Vital News also has a guide on piston rings by Federal-Mogul and news from our suppliers like Boge, First Line, Ring, Carwood, Cambiare, GS Batteries, Gates, Comma, Castrol and Anaf.

As we approach the colder months, this issue covers winter essentials to make sure that you don’t get left out in the cold with sales. We also have an interesting take on winter sales by preparing you for winter cyclists. Many cycling enthusiasts would not miss a chance to get more miles in, during the colder months, no doubt spurred on by our Olympic success. They will need to be kitted out for winter cycling. This issue outlines some sales ideas to brace you for the seasonal demand. We also have a summarised update from Wendy Williamson on IAAF activities.

As always, we continue to look forward to your feedback on how to make the business better. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Neil Davis,
Managing Director, FPS.

Neil Davis