Newly Launched Veedol OEM Approved Engine Oils Now Available

Recently launched in the UK, FPS are pleased to announce the introduction of Veedol OEM approved engine oils.

The Veedol range of motor engine oils builds on over 100 years of experience manufacturing high quality, professional lubricants, to offer 6 OEM approved products.

Offered at a competitive price point, the initial range covers 6 grades of oil including:

  • Powertron Plus 5W/40
  • Powertron Ultra 5W/40
  • Multigrade Super 10W/40
  • Sintron C3 5W/30
  • Sintron C4 5W/30
  • Sintron Longlife III 5W/30

All products carry OEM approvals so end-users can be confident their vehicle will be kept in the best possible condition when changing oil without invalidating their warranty by using non-approved oils.

A true pioneer in the automotive industry, the Veedol brand was created by the American company Tide Water Associated Oil in 1913. Chosen by Henry Ford as the engine oil for the world’s first mass-produced car, the Model T-Ford, Veedol has since participated in many of the most historically important land and aviation milestones – including spaceflight on the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Veedol engine oils are catalogued on the F:Drive. For more information, please contact your local branch or speak with your local FPS representative.