Valeo Wiper Motors

Valeo Wiper Motors from FPS

Valeo wiper motors are fitted to one in three cars in Europe, and these parts are now available for the Independent Aftermarket from FPS.

Valeo wiper motors are now available from FPS. Valeo wiper motors are fitted to one in three cars in Europe, and these parts are now available for the Independent Aftermarket. Valeo’s wiper motor range includes 30 front units and 56 rear units.

As the UK car parc grows and new wiper motor technology comes to market, it makes sense for motor factors to consider the strong commercial opportunities of selling replacement wiper motors. Currently, 70% of wiper motor sales are made via main dealers. Valeo believes its new range of OE wiper motors for the aftermarket presents a significant opportunity for motor factors.

Wiper Motor Technology

The three most common mechanisms are continually rotating, single reversible and dual reversible motors. Continually rotating motors operate a wiper arm in a 360° circular motion, with the reversing action produced by the linkage mechanism. The single reversible motor drives the wiper arm in a clockwise and anti-clockwise arc and the linkage design translates this movement into the sweep of the two wipers.

New dual reversible technology present s a number of opportunities for motor factors. While the motor is similar to the single reversible, it operates a single blade and arm directly. With a motor required for each individual wiper blade, the number of wiper motors in service at any one time is growing. The advantage of this new technology is that linkages are no longer required.

Reasons for Wiper Motor Failure

There are a number of reasons why wiper motors fail. Firstly, the mechanism is exposed to high levels of corrosion – its position below the windscreen means water can collect around the motor if the drain holes are not clear. Secondly, lack of use can cause grease inside the motor to set and harden, meaning the blades will not operate efficiently when needed. Valeo makes the case for motor factors to start selling wiper motors.

There is also the issue of heavy loads – such as snow and ice – and drivers attempting to clear their windscreens in icy conditions. Such factors demand a high level of torque that subjects the motor to increased strain, potentially resulting in failure.

Wiper Motor Replacement

When replacing wiper motors, fitters should check for wear and damage in the wiper linkage if a continually rotating or single reversible system is in use. It is also recommended that the blades are changed at the same time, to guarantee the system is working to optimum standards.

Valeo Wiper Motors from FPS – Range Overview

Valeo’s range of 86 OE wiper motors includes 30 front units and 56 rear units, covering marques such as Audi, Citroën, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Vauxhall and Volkswagen. A further 31 new wiper motors will be available from Valeo during 2013.

As the range offers like-for-like replacement, 100% fitting accuracy is guaranteed, minimising the risk of incorrect mounting. Every motor undergoes rigorous testing to ensure OE quality standards are maintained. Throughout the process, factors such as the measurement and monitoring of wiping angle, power, voltage and speed are assessed. Tests are also carried out in pre-defined climate profiles, such as winter and humid temperatures, to guarantee optimal performance during varied weather conditions.

Valeo’s OE quality guarantee means there is no need to purchase parts from the main dealer. To find out more about this great new range and the exciting opportunities it opens up, contact your local FPS Representative.


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