Valeo Conversion and Service Kits

A durable alternative to the Dual Mass Flywheel.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Valeo conversion and service kits. The new range consists of 123 part numbers, with a further 17 references scheduled to be added during the first quarter of 2014. Many popular references are covered by this introduction, including a conversion kit for the Ford Transit 2.4D (00>) and a service kit for Citroen C5 2.0 HDi (01-04).

What’s Included in a Valeo Conversion Kit?

A Valeo conversion kit includes a solid flywheel, clutch cover, fritcion plate, release bearing and all necessary components to make a complete conversion. As the rigid flywheel doesn’t wear, the kit eliminates the need to replace the whole clutch system in the future, providing significant savings. This makes the conversion kit popular with the older vehicle parc and/or LCV applications prone to high mileage.

valeo conv kit ps

What’s Included in a Valeo Service Kit?

Once a conversion kit has been fitted, it is likely that only the drive plate, friction plate and bearing need replacing in the future, which are all provided in the Valeo service kit, providing a cheaper and easier to manage service.

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