Upgrading your Vehicle Light Bulbs for Brighter, Clearer Road Visibility

Ring Automotive explains the various premium vehicle lighting opportunities available in the aftermarket, highlighting the rise of LED bulbs in vehicles and the challenges this has presented.

Most new vehicles come with premium lighting as standard, but the majority of cars in the UK still use traditional halogen bulbs. So if you want better road visibility, what do you need to consider when upgrading your vehicle light bulbs? Ring take us through the options.

LED Technology

The technological emergence of automotive LED lighting has presented a new challenge for the aftermarket as they have an extended lifespan and are non-replaceable. While many speculate that LEDs can lead to long-term profit and sales loss for motor factors and garages, LEDs are not traceably ‘E’ approved. Meaning, they are not legally authorised for normal road use. LED bulbs for on-road vehicles are currently limited to styling and interior use only. In the event that a LED bulb fails within a light unit, the entire lamp unit would need to be replaced.

Many motorists understand that LED’s offer a whiter light output and greater life expectancy while using less power. LED’s offer improved off-road interior and styling options for motorists. Learning how to tailor the LED bulb offering will generate additional revenue and profit.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Bulbs

Once limited to luxury cars, HID bulbs are now fitted to a wider range of vehicles. Garages are experiencing a higher demand for HID bulb replacements. Ring has a range of 11 direct OE replacements that are suitable for many vehicle applications. Thus, making it unnecessary to source replacements from the vehicle dealer.

Halogen Bulbs

By encouraging garages to suggest halogen upgrade bulbs like the Xenon130, motor factors and retailers stand to make greater profit. The improvement of road visibility after an upgrade will encourage vehicle owners to continue using premium quality upgrade bulbs. With three new references added to the Xenon130 range (H1, H11, HB4), Ring now has the widest upgrade range of halogen bulbs across Europe.

Performance upgrades are not exclusive to forward lighting on vehicles. Rear performance lighting upgrades are available with the Ring Rapid Response Range. These high intensity bulbs offer up to 20% more luminous power and faster illumination. Drivers following vehicles using such bulbs will notice them more quickly and therefore have more time to react.

New Voltages in Modern Vehicles

Many modern vehicles have a measured voltage higher than 12v to cope with the additional electric functions that cars now have. Vehicle bulbs are currently designed and manufactured to operate at 12v. However, if the constant running voltage is higher, it can result in a rapid decrease in the bulb’s lifespan.

To reduce this problem, Ring’s Long Life bulbs offer better resistance to higher voltage and potentially last up to 3 times longer than standard bulbs.

Replacing in Pairs

Modern bulbs should always be replaced in pairs. This produces an even light output to aid driver vision. It is not uncommon with modern halogens for a second bulb to fail shortly after the first one.

Replacement bulbs have long been one of the fastest moving, high volume product lines. Presently, there are various opportunities in the aftermarket on upgrade technologies, which are growing in popularity and can generate much greater profits for motor factors and garages than standard halogen bulbs.

Ring LED bulbs are available via FPS same/next-day, for more information on the range speak with your local FPS representative.


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