Unique & Niche: Fuel Filter

Did you know that FPS now stocks a niche Ford fuel filter?


Fuel filters screen dirt and rust from the fuel and can either be a cartridge or canister containing filter paper. This particular filter has fine paper, allowing it to capture more sediment and making it more efficient but also susceptible to failure in harsher conditions.

Failure and replacement:

The paper fuel filter element on these vehicles is a vital service item to maintain vehicle efficiency, performance and reliability. There is no specific service schedule on this part as it is critical to react to the service display on the vehicle dashboard.

If overlooked, this can cause erratic running and ignition problems. The differing qualities of fuel on offer from retailers can often increase the problem and replacing with a new filter and seal should rectify the problem.

Product detail
1837319 for Ford Transit TT9 (2006>), Transit TTG (2014>) and Transit/Tourneo custom TTF (2012>).

This fuel filter can be found on MAM Autocat+ and the F:Drive under Filters & Ignition>Filters (Air, Cabin, Oil, Fuel). This is a very fast moving filter and is available from FPS for same-day delivery.



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