Unique & Niche: ABS Rings (Sensor/Reluctor)

Did you know that FPS stocks a range of ABS (sensor/reluctor) rings?


ABS rings are fitted to either the driveshaft or the wheel hub of a car and work together with sensors to provide wheel speed information to the ECU.

There are two types of ABS sensors: passive and active.

A passive sensor requires an ABS ring that inducts a magnetic field, thus producing a voltage that the ECM (engine control module) monitors. They look like a castellated metal ring.

An active sensor requires a magnetic ABS ring. This type is usually found in a hub bearing and looks like an oil seal.


ABS rings are found on all the four wheels of an ABS equipped vehicle.

Failure and replacement:

ABS rings are susceptible to corrosion and damage and they can often be missing from new CV joints. The rings are easily damaged when removed; therefore the best practice would be to fit a new ring.

A warning light will come up on the dashboard if the ring is faulty and will result in an MOT failure. A damaged ABS ring can only be identified by visual inspection.

 Product highlights:
ADM57101 – Ford Maverick (2001-2004)
V10-1494 – Audi (1995-2001)

ABS rings can be found on MAM Autocat+ and the F:Drive under Hydraulics>Brake Hydraulics. All parts are available through FPS on same/next-day delivery.



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