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U-POL present their new project kits

U-POL presents interesting sales opportunities with the launch of their new ISOPON project kits for DIY enthusiasts.

U-POL have recently launched their new ISOPSON project kits. With nearly 70 years of experience in developing quality automotive refinishing products, U-POL specialises in trade products for the modern bodyshop. U-POL’s continued investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and reputation for innovation brings professional quality products to a market of DIY car enthusiasts through ISOPON.


Introducing a comprehensive range of project kits, ISOPON offers ultimate ease and convenience for DIY bodywork repair. The range spans across six project kits that provide bumper-to-bumper repair solutions that are clearly segmented by the area of repair – car body, plastic bumpers, alloy wheels, windscreen repairs and headlights. Each kit comes with comprehensive instruction guides and user suggestions that present opportunities for cross-selling.

ISOPON Multi Purpose Body Repair Kit

P.38 Multi-purpose Body Repair Kit

The P.38 Multi-purpose Body Filler contains everything needed to repair and prime minor dents and scratches in most types of metal bodywork. Pre-measured for easy mixing, the product dries quickly and sands smoothly for priming and painting. The contents of the kit sufficiently repair an area of approximately 550cm² when applied at a depth of 3.5mm.

ISOPON Body Repair Kit

P.40 Body Repair Kit for Holes

This comprehensive kit provides everything needed to repair and prime rust holes in most metals. The easily mixed P.40 Body Filler for Holes is first used with the provided aluminium mesh to bridge holes that are up to a recommended 75mm in diameter.

Following that, a layer P.38 Multipurpose Body Filler is applied, and then sanded down. Finally, the patch is primed with the fast-drying Multi-Purpose Primer aerosol for a smooth, even finish that is ready to paint. The kit sufficiently repairs approximately four holes that are up to 50mm in diameter.

ISOPON Plastic Bumper Repair Kit

Plastic Bumper Repair Kit

Flexible and easy to use, the filler is specifically formulated to repair scratches and scuffs in most types of plastic. The pre-measured sachets make mixing simple and it can be easily sanded and shaped to the exact bumper contour. With strong adhesion, the filler gives a smooth, durable repair that is ready to prime. The kit provides four sachets of filler that each repair an area of 55cm² at a depth of 3.5mm.

ISOPON Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

The Alloy Wheel Filler is a durable filler that has been specially formulated to repair scratches and scuffs in most alloy wheels. The pre-measured sachets are strengthened with aluminium to give a tough, smooth repair that is ready to prime. The kit contains four sachets of filler sufficient to repair 10, 20-inch wheels.

ISOPON Windscreen Repair Kit

Windscreen Repair Kit

The kit offers a tough, long-lasting repair to minimise the appearance of chips and minor cracks to stop the damage from spreading in all types of laminated windscreens. The advanced resin formula dries within 10 minutes and is ideal for multiple repairs.

ISOPON Headlight Restorer Kit

Headlight Restorer Kit

The Headlight Restorer Kit is a UV resistant, quick-drying, fast and effective way to provide a durable high-gloss coating to headlights that will not discolour with time. The kit provides the necessary materials to restore the original shine to old and discoloured headlights whilst protecting against scratches and stone chips. The kit sufficiently provides two coats of coverage at approximately 2m each.

ISOPON project kits are available from FPS via next-day delivery. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.

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