Keep your tyres in check with Michelin’s maintenance products

Enjoy a smooth drive with quick and easy tyre care maintenance solutions from Michelin.

When it is warm outside there is nothing better than a drive across the country to find the nearest beach or greenest countryside. In fact, the past few years have seen a gradual rise in the number of people choosing to stay in the UK for their holiday, ensuring a steady sale on vehicle maintenance products to ensure they reach their destination with ease.

One prime area that’s invariably looked into during maintenance checks is tyre care. Michelin products provide quick and easy solutions to keep cars on the road. There are numerous products in range, available from FPS on next-day delivery. Michelin highlights two product groups in particular that offer great sales opportunities.

Tyre Sealant

The exclusive formulation helps to achieve a temporary repair/seal immediately, whilst at the same time, re-inflating the tyre to a safe pressure*.

Additional Benefits:

  • No tools required
  • Comes with a pair of protective gloves and mat to kneel on

*Recommended for all tube and tubeless tyres, up to 245/45 R17.

Foot Pumps

As part of Michelin’s award winning inflation range, both the single and double foot pumps include a tough steel frame with wide stance for stability.

Additional Benefits:

  • Accurate analogue gauges display in both PSI and BAR
  • Gives a superior performance to 100 PSI
  • Complete with adaptors for bicycle tyres, sports equipment, and beach toys

The Michelin Double Foot Pump also comes with a recommended seal of approval from Auto Express, ensuring its quality and efficiency.

Visit the Maintenance and Accessories section on the F:Drive² to find these Michelin products and more. Alternatively, speak to your local FPS representative for more information.

Single Foot Pump

Double Foot Pump