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Top 10 Bestsellers from 360° Aftermarket Range

Dealer only parts now in range! 2015 saw substantial growth for the 360° portfolio providing motor factors with the opportunity to maximise their sales in the unique and niche markets.

To provide customers with relevant products and a choice of options is essential. 2015 was a very successful year for the 360° programme with over 3,500 new parts added to our portfolio and more than 400 enquiries received and resolved. Of the many parts brought in, the top ten bestsellers for popular applications are shown below. To aid you further, the MAM/F:Drive location for each of these parts has been highlighted.

1. Best Seller - Wheel Hub Seal for Ford Transit 330 2.4

19036492B (OE: 1521590/5C16-1175-AA)

As part of a full range gap for transmission seals, this part is manufactured by Corteco to the exacting OE standards of design, dimensions and material.
Find under: Transmission > Wheel Bolts, Caps, Hubs, Nuts

2. No Longer a ‘Dealer Only’ Part - Reversing Sensor for VW Golf 1.6

V10-72-0822 (OE: 3D0 998 275 A)

We now stock a range of reversing sensors for a variety of applications.
Find under: Electrical > Switches, Sensors – Body & Panel

3. Niche Product - Bulb Holder for Ford Transit Mk VI 2.0

1102440-0 (OE: 1102440)

Not normally sold as a separate item, they are a fraction of the cost of a new replacement lamp and are easy to fit.
Find under: Lighting > Light Units

4. No Longer a ‘Dealer Only’ Part - Viscous Fan Coupling for Mercedes C180 1.8

17848 (OE: 111 200 04 22)

Wear or failure can result in poor performance of the car’s air conditioning system. It can also decrease the fuel economy and cause an abnormal grinding sound from the engine.
Find under: Cooling & Heating > Radiators, Heating, Coolers

5. Application Gap - Transmission Filter for VW Tiguan 2.0

V10-0440 (OE: 02E 398 051)

Replacement enhances performance with noticeably quieter, faster and smoother gear changing.
Find under: Filters & Ignition > Filters (Others)

6. Enhanced Product Range - Transmission Filter Set for Mercedes C220 2.1

V30-7316 (OE: 140 277 00 95 S)

Set includes a filter, seal and installation material to ensure simple and quick replacement.
Find under: Filters & Ignition > Filters (Others)

7. No Longer a ‘Dealer Only’ Part - Turbocharger Hose for Ford Mondeo Mk III

FTH1292 (OE:1222831/257Q6N696AA)

The range is now available from First Line through ourselves.
Find under:  Engine Parts > Engine Parts

8. Application Gap - Fuel Pump for Ford Transit 260 2.2

DCRP300400 (OE: 6C1Q-9B395-AB/AD)

Brand new, genuine OE unit (not subject to surcharge). Suction Control Valve for this part is DCRS300260, the only replacement available for this pump.
Find under: Fuel & Engine Management > Fuel Pumps

9. Application Gap - Temperature Sensor for BMW 523i 2.5

33842 (OE: 61 31 8 360 855)

Located in the coolant expansion tank, the sensor signals when the coolant temperature falls below the designated level.
Find under: Cooling & Heating > Switches & Sensors

10. No Longer a ‘Dealer Only’ - Bearing Hub Unit for Ford Mondeo 2.0

24351 (OE: 4 103 347)

Complements a range of wheel bearing hubs, available from Shaftec.
Find under: Transmission > Wheel Bearing Kits


If you have enquiries for parts that are not currently in our portfolio please speak to your FPS representative, or email us at: We will source, review and, if applicable, add it to our portfolio –completing the circle.