Timing Belt Systems and Water Pumps

Gates explain the benefits experienced across the supply chain when the water pump is replaced at the same time as the timing belt.

The PowerGrip® kit by Gates offers one kit, one solution at one time; encouraging a system overhaul under one warranty, rather than recommending the changing of separate parts.

To avoid engine failure, changing the timing belt on the Synchronous Belt Drive System (SBDS) is a common preventative measure, which is usually prompted by vehicle manufacturers’ suggested replacement intervals. But many motor factors are missing an up-sell opportunity when their garage customers come to them with timing belt requirements. Intervals for replacements of other items, such as water pumps, are not always efficient and at times it is better to re-fit the entire system than to wait for the component parts to break down one by one.

When the timing belt is changed, Gates recommends that the belt-driven water pump is also replaced in order to ensure maximum system performance. If not, it is not guaranteed that the water pump will last the entire life cycle of the new belt. If ignored, premature belt wear is likely and this could negatively impact upon the garage’s reputation. Changing both simultaneously is not only good customer service but also unifies warranty agreements and ensures that new fittings are working well together in the overall system.

The Gates PowerGrip® Kit Plus Water Pump offers an OE solution for a complete system overhaul in one box, including an application specific water pump.

Invisible Water Pump Wear
Water pump wear is not always visible and for that reason they are sometimes perceived as the simplest and most reliable components inside the SBDS. Despite appearing to be in good condition, some adverse influences affecting performance include:
• Airlock in the system – Can occur during installation, causing noise and/or leaks.

• Sealant in the coolant – If gasket is supplied with the water pump, no other form of sealant should be used.

• General wear and tear – May be difficult to detect but is experienced by all system components.

Coolant contamination is a common cause of damage which leads to water pump failure but there are many other ways the water pump can be negatively impacted.

Whilst garages are responsible for their own workshop policies, it is within motor factors’ best interests to raise awareness of Gates PowerGrip® Kits Plus Water Pumps as a solution. In doing so, there are fewer buying decisions to make, the parts are all compatible and a single warranty covers the whole job and system.

To help you communicate these benefits, personalised eFlyers and SBDS display stands will be available for stockists through FPS.

Speak to your local Sales Representative for further details.


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