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Time for a Winter Glow Up

Ignition specialist NGK advises motor factors on how to prepare for the winter surge in glow plug sales.

Glow plugs are an obvious winter essential, given that they’re relied upon to ensure a perfect engine start, especially in cold conditions. Given the chaos the Beast from the East caused last winter, it’s advisable to seriously consider this product group as a viable cold weather opportunity. Hence, it’s important to be well versed with the glow plug technology available today.

Know Your Glow Plug Tech

There are two types of diesel engine glow plugs; metal rod glow plugs and ceramic glow plugs. The motorists’ needs will depend on their car manufacturers specific requirements.

1. Ceramic glow plugs – The heating element is encased in a special type of ceramic that reaches the necessary operating temperature of up to 1,350 °C very quickly. They are also compact and are electrically conductive, especially advantageous in modern diesel engines.

ceramic glow plug labelled illustration

2. Metal rod glow plugs – The heating coil in the glow rod produces the necessary heat and reaches into the precombustion chamber. The glow tube is filled with a magnesium oxide powder, which is an outstanding heat conductor and electrically insulating.

Metal rod glow plug labelled illustration

Glowing OEM references

As an OEM supplier to many vehicle manufacturers, NGK products have a strong reputation for quality. By choosing NGK glow plugs you are choosing proven NGK technology which results in:
• Safe start-up from low ambient temperatures
• Low emissions during the warm-up phase
• Stable idling running before the engine reaches operating temperature
• A high-quality coating on the shell for high resistance to corrosion
• Unique shell design for excellent heat transfer, perfect gas-tight sealing, high shear torque, and high resistance to deformation and security of the heating coils
Many part numbers are brought into the aftermarket from NGK’s OE side of the business. Vehicle owners can be confident that their engines are fitted with glow plugs which meet or exceed vehicle manufacturers’ specifications with NGK. This ensures improved drivability during engine warm up and the ever-important reduction of emissions thanks to outstanding extended post-glow capability.

Teamwork makes the dream (and your cars) work

While NGK ensures they manufacture the necessary parts, FPS ensures that they are stocked. FPS has the range of over 170 NGK glow plugs, in stock for same/ next-day delivery. Order via the F:Drive, or speak to your local representative for more details.

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