The Winter Phantom Menace

Protect car exteriors with Maintenance and Accessories products from FPS.

To help shift stubborn and damaging road dirt on vehicle exteriors during winter months, it is recommended to wash frequently with a Traffic Film Remover (TFR) or shampoo and then apply a premium wax to add that final protective barrier.

The salt used to grit roads is designed to lower the freezing point of water and allow better traction for tyres. The problem is that the salt residue left on the surface of vehicles is highly acidic and corrosive. This will not only speed up rusting on the exposed underside of vehicles
but it can also get into chips and scratches in paintwork and start corrosion under the visible surface of the body finish.

The top selling products within the range are:

Part No. Description
869 Gunk TFR
MASFW1 MER Deep Gloss Finishing Wax
MASSH1 MER High Shine Shampoo



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