The Diamond Hunt with Gates

Exploring the benefits of the Gates Diamonds loyalty programme.

Gates has recently joined the ‘Automotive Diamonds’ customer loyalty programme. Formed in 2011, ‘Automotive Diamonds’ is the independent aftermarket’s fast-growing customer loyalty rewards initiative through which garages earn points or ‘diamonds’ on the purchase of Gates and other participating partners’ products, and build credit that can then be redeemed for their choice of fantastic rewards. The objective of the Diamonds programme is to encourage further growth in the aftermarket by rewarding garages for their purchasing loyalty to Gates and the other brands involved. Garages can earn ‘diamonds’ against the entire range of Gates belt drive systems and cooling products.

How it works

The process is simple. From January 2015, potential garage customers will be targeted directly through a full media campaign, including trade shows and trade press to raise awareness of the scheme. To participate, the garage must first register its details at They will then be sent a welcome pack including envelope stickers that identify the garage. The garage then sends the relevant product labels along with the envelope stickers to ‘Automotive Diamonds’. Upon receipt, the stickers and labels are scanned to update the individual account and the account holder receives an update on the current value of ‘diamonds’ by e-mail.

The ‘diamonds’ that members collect each time they purchase a Gates product can be redeemed in the online shop for large or small rewards, ranging from electronic products to useful garage and workshop equipment. The rewards are then shipped free of charge within a week.

Diamonds are Forever

Another key feature of this programme is that the points do not have an expiry date. However, accounts that remain inactive for twelve months will be suspended, so labels should still be sent in and levels checked regularly.

Benefits for Motor Factors

Although the programme has been conceived and developed to communicate with garages, it will not be used by Gates to approach participating workshops directly for business. Any ‘Automotive Diamonds’ campaign will convey messages about Gates and the other programme partners’ product quality, new developments and promotional activities. This will in turn assist the factors’ efforts to sell more Gates products.

Additionally, factors too can enrol and reap the benefits of the campaign by registering online to receive a distributor’s promotion code. Factors then earn diamonds by acquiring garages to register at ‘Automotive Diamonds’ and ensuring that the garages use the factors’ promotion code during registration. The factor earns points each time a new garage registers with the promotion code.

Find Out More

Join in the diamond hunt and discover the dazzling world of rewards at  or contact your local Gates or FPS representative for more information on the Gates Diamonds loyalty campaign.


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