The Corteco Range Continues to Grow

Since the successful launch of a short range of Corteco products last year, including clutch guide tubes and sump plugs, we have now added even more Corteco references into range.

Since launching Corteco clutch guide tubes and sump plugs last year, we have now added a number of additional ranges from the automotive specialist. Corteco specialises in automotive spare parts in the areas of sealing and vibration control, producing a large number of parts that are often thought of as  “dealer only”.

With the significant profit opportunity that these specialist Corteco parts offer to independent factors and repairers alike, it is no surprise that these hard to find products are now in high demand.

What makes these specialist parts so special?

Corteco Engine Mounts: The Inside Story

The recent inclusion of engine mounts as part of MOT testing, alongside the general uncertainty about the variable quality of replacement parts in the UK aftermarket, means that the demand for Corteco engine mounts is riding high. An increasing number of vehicles in the UK car parc are now equipped with engine mounts that contain very complex technology. ‘Hydraulic’ and ‘Switchable’ engine mounts are prime examples of the kind of high technology component that garages have originally sourced directly from dealerships.

If we take a closer look at ‘Switchable’ engine mounts, see diagram below, the complexity of the design becomes apparent, and it is important that the highest quality materials are used.   

Corteco ‘Switchable’ engine mount

 It is important to remember that many low cost alternatives contain little more than solid rubber casing, which is completely ineffective and highly inappropriate for the job.

Corteco Top Strut Mounts: Inside Out

Top strut mounts are a key component in any vibration control portfolio – they play a vital role in integrating the syspension strut and bearing spring with the body of the car. They isolate the dynamic forces of the suspension strut and the spring, avoiding the transfer of vibration to the vehicle body.

Top strut mount cross-section

Top struts are safety critical items which is why it is important to source top quality products, from a supplier such as Corteco. Any damage to the suspension strut or strut mount can have a detrimental impact on road safety; braking distances are extended, contact with road surface if reduced, while steering and cornering ability rapidly deteriorates.

Corteco Torsional Vibration Dampers

TVDs reduce vibrations transmitted from the crankshaft to the belt and other drive components to prevent damage to these parts. It also makes a significant contribution in reducing noise and improving overall drive comfort.

Corteco TVD

TVD cross section

As TVDs are application specific parts, Corteco ensures that each reference is matched to and balanced for the individual model. Correct installation is vital and Corteco pulleys are supplied as “installer friendly”, complete with mounting instructions that include detailed information and images. Essential details such as required tightening torques, tensioning screws and the use of special tools are included. 


The FPS & Corteco Offering

The recent Corteco range extension includes many of these vibration control products, including engine mountings, top struts, TVDs & bolts as well as sump plug washers and cabin filters, bringing the total Corteco offering to over 850 references.

Many popular references are available same-day from FPS branches, including engine mountings for Vauxhall Astra Mk IV (98-06) , cabin filters for Volvo S60 2.0 Turbo (00-10) and TVDs for the Citroën Berlingo 1.9 (02-07).  All remaining references are available for next-day delivery.


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