Tepro barbecues

Perfectly Portable Tepro Barbecues

Tepro offer a range of chic and compact barbecues; a great seasonal opportunity in light of the recent heatwave.

The recent heatwave has presented a prolonged demand for hot weather products. With people firing up their barbecues, a portable unit allows users to fire up the grill during their day trips. Perfectly portable for a picnic in the park, camping trip or even on small garden patios, Tepro’s mini barbecues offer a solution for space restricted situations.


Crystal & Salida – Not just pretty faces

With two key models in the range, Tepro offers a variety of colours (lime green, vanilla, grey, turquoise, and lemon) designed to brighten even the dreariest summer day – or shop floor.


These petite charcoal grills are designed to a high specification making them attractive, durable and functional. They feature special air vents to circulate air during grilling; similar to a convection oven to ensure that the food cooks evenly. Both grills also have a two-tier kettle which allows the user to close the upper part to prevent heat from escaping.


Tepro Crystal (Part numbers 1096N, 1108N, 1109N)


With a grill surface of approximately 29cm and weight of 2.24kg, the Crystal is well-suited for travelling and smaller parties.

The powder coated fire bowl and lid improves durability, while the stainless steel lid handle includes a heat isolating rubber coating. The sleek design of the Tepro Crystal barbecue is eye-catching and can be particularly noticed on the brushed stainless steel legs.


Tepro Salida (Part numbers 1140 and 1141B)



The Salida is a slightly larger option at 34.5cm and 3kg. However, it is still fully portable with the foldable legs making it easy to set up and even easier to store. The lid is hinged for convenience, and the bowl and lid are powder coated for an attractive, durable finish.


Get it while it’s hot

The Tepro barbecue range is available now from FPS via next-day delivery. Please visit the F:Drive for the full range, or speak to your FPS representative for more information.

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