Glyco bearings

Rebuilding Engines and Replacing Bearings

When rebuilding an engine, some parts most definitely should be replaced instead of attempting a repair. These parts include bearings. Federal-Mogul outlines the best ways to avoid issues when replacing bearings.

Payen gaskets

Payen Gasket Advancements

Changes in engine technology aim to provide improved durability, performance and fuel efficiency, but this means gasket designs need to change too. Federal-Mogul tells us what they’re doing to lead the way in gasket technology.


Why Do Vehicle Camshafts Fail?

Federal-Mogul share tips and advice on how to avoid premature failure of vehicle camshafts.

Goetze Engine Liner

Prevent Cavitation Erosion

Federal-Mogul explains cavitation erosion on diesel engine wet-type cylinder liners and the ways to reduce the effects.