Lambda Sensor Fault Codes

Engine management specialist, Cambiare explains the various ECU fault codes that may lead to a misdiagnosis of faulty lambda sensors.

Cambiare Product Range

Cambiare Price Realignment

Starting April 2017, Cambiare will reduce their list prices by 2% and adjust the rebate and invoice mix to buying groups, resulting in an overall weighted reduction of 6.7% to the market.


Cambiare Range Extension

Continuing with its expansion programme, Cambiare is extending its engine management portfolio with an addition of 32 new parts. The range extension includes 16 MAP sensors, 8 knock sensors and 8 fuel injectors.

Almost One Thousand New Cambiare Products Available Now

PRESS RELEASE New Cambiare products of almost 1,000 new parts have been added to its vehicle electronics range. Including products for fuel injectors, idle control valves, relays, solenoid valves, throttle bodies and much more.