3 New Super Branches Enhance Stock Holding & Improve Same-Day Product Availability

FPS continues to reinforce its supply chain network with the streamlining of inventory for same-day parts and adds 3 more Super Branches to the list.

As technology continues to advance, product ranges in the automotive industry are expanding faster than ever. This has led to a greater demand in aftermarket variety where the supply chain is expected to be ever-ready to provide same-day support despite time and space constraints. The challenge of ensuring that the right products are always stocked has escalated.

FPS continually seeks to narrow the gap between motor factors and the products that they need to serve customers better. Following the marked improvement of product availability, delivery frequencies, and stock profiling as a result of the initial Super Branches, FPS has added new Super Branches in Southampton, Cardiff, Newcastle, and Barking, to expand the reach of branch availability across the UK.

Furthermore, FPS has recently injected £200,000 worth of stock into the smaller branches across the network to ensure that if the customer wants the part on the same day, they will receive that part, on the same day.

Same Day Availability

FPS operates out of a network of 23 sites and carries more than 120,000 product lines covering automotive parts, maintenance & accessories, and travel & leisure. On top of having the breadth of range, it is important to maintain needlepoint precision in stock organisation and coordination.

Different parts carry a different level of urgency. Being known as a reliable same-day business, the shelves of FPS branches are under constant scrutiny to ensure that they are well optimised to match the demands of customers.

Every year since the launch of the Super Branches, FPS has reviewed the performance of all parts to identify those in demand and the ones that are needed urgently. The findings from these valuation reviews allow FPS to strategically shift and house the correct stock in their branches.

Precision Stock Holding

While FPS branches come in varying sizes, capacities, customer bases, resources and van runs, the expectation to maintain excellent and reliable service stays at the same high standard. With the National Distribution Centre in Sheffield at the core of all logistical operations, the Super Branches are designed to bring greater stock variety closer to the customers.

The next step to ensure a more efficient supply chain is to improve the quality of stock on the shelves of the smaller branches. By stocking known volumes and parts that have been identified as suitable based on sales history and sales potential, FPS is stocking deeper locally in each individual pareto. Smaller branches now have more of the ‘right’ stock in place to serve motor factors better.

We Deliver

As automotive technology continues to evolve, FPS works hard to provide the best service in the aftermarket. By fortifying the supply chain through a proactive approach to fine-tuning branch and stock analytics, FPS aims to spot a market trend in advance to live up to the FPS promise of ‘We Deliver’.