Remy Steers Its Way To The Top

Remy offer an eRemy offers the latest in Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS) and Electric Power Steering (EPS) technology.

The rapid advancement of automotive steering related technologies over the last ten to fifteen years is now generating a requirement for associated products in the aftermarket. This is creating exciting opportunities for motor factors who work with market-leading suppliers such as Remy who are ahead with these technologies.

Remy, the market-leading steering brand has recently introduced over 100 new steering parts. These new additions bring the total Remy steering pump and rack range to well over 2,000 parts, covering more than 20,000 applications. The Remy steering range currently covers more than 95% of the UK car parc and new parts continue to be added regularly to further enhance the power steering ranges.

In line with all Remy products, continued research and development ensures that this extensive product range remains ahead of the market, to provide factors with access to the newest technologies. Remy offers the latest in Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS) and Electric Power Steering (EPS) technology, including column drive EPS.

Range Development

Remy’s ongoing range development creates strong sales opportunities for the UK aftermarket by ensuring the best car parc coverage in the UK. Remy’s aim is to always offer top quality products at competitive prices and wants to ensure that FPS factors have access to the newest technologies which are not often available in the aftermarket.

There are three part areas:
• Pumps (power steering pumps, EHPS pumps)
• Racks (manual, power, EPS)
• Column drive EPS

New introductions to the range include:

Part No. Description Applications
DSR1876 Generation III EPS rack* Audi A3; VW Golf V/VI, Passat, Touran and Jetta III; Seat Leon, Altea,
Toledo III and Skoda Octavia
New EHPS pumps Ford Focus MkII, S-Max and Fiesta MkVI; VW Polo; Vauxhall Astra MkV,
Vectra C and Volvo S40 II/V50
DSPK300 EHPS System Vauxhall Astra MkIV


*A steering rack with an electric motor on the steering housing. The majority of Remy’s competitors only supply the rack without the electric motor, whereas Remy supplies the complete unit with electric motor too, ensuring a fully functioning and tested product which also reduces installation time.

In some cases, Remy’s range can offer products to combat component sourcing problems found with a particular vehicle’s steering system such as:

DSPK300 – A newly launched kit consisting of an EHPS pump, a hydraulic steering rack and interconnecting pipe for the Vauxhall Astra MkIV.

The Vauxhall Astra MkIV was initially fitted with a Delphi or a TRW EHPS pump and hydraulic steering rack. Delphi ceased production of both parts a few years ago and cores for remanufacturing are scarce and often in poor condition. The Remy DSPK300 converts Delphi equipped Vauxhall Astra MkIVs into a TRW system thus offering a replacement solution for a part that’s no longer available.


All Remy steering components undergo numerous processes and tests to produce an OE-equivalent unit. Every unit is then 100% tested using the most stringent state-of-the-art test equipment. As steering racks are safety critical, a quality replacement rack is essential and Remy provides parts your customers can rely on. All Remy parts meet the highest quality standards under ISO 9001:2008 and come with a 2 year warranty.

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