HID Headlight

Stay Bright with Automotive HID Headlight Bulbs from Ring

Ring Automotive, leading European manufacturer and supplier of vehicle lighting are the latest addition to the FPS portfolio.

For the last 40 years, Ring has been pushing the boundaries in vehicle light technology. They now lead the way by offering the most comprehensive range of performance bulbs. Ranging from the smallest panel bulb to industry-leading performance HID headlamp bulbs as well as investing in LED technology to deliver the next generation of lighting products.

Understanding HID Bulbs

Although High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamp bulbs (also known as Gas Discharge or Xenon bulbs) have steadily increased in usage across the automotive market, they are often misunderstood. They are commonly mistaken and perceived as expensive and requiring specialist knowledge. Ring explains what HID bulbs are, in order to improve clarity, confidence in fitting them and to help grow sales within the aftermarket.

Technicians are generally put off by the high voltage start-up pulse produced by HID bulbs (typically 24,000 volts) which ignites the gas to generate a bright white light. As a result of this concern, customers are usually sent to the main dealer who then charges a substantially high price to replace HID bulbs. The high voltage start-up can be potentially hazardous, but if safety instructions are followed they can be fitted perfectly safely.


•  Up to 3x brighter and have higher luminance than halogens
•  Produce a crisp white light output close to daylight
•  Incredibly long life

The obvious difference between HID and standard bulbs is that HIDs have no filament and instead use a glass capsule in the centre of the bulb containing Xenon gas.

Factors should encourage garages to fit HID bulbs, two of the main benefits are:
•  No customer is lost to the main dealer or a competitor who can replace HID bulbs
•  Increased sales and margin opportunities, as replacing a HID bulb generates considerably more profit than replacing a standard bulb.

Ring Automotive has produced a fitting video as well as a detailed fitting guide for HID bulbs and a hard copy is available from FPS upon request. Visit www.partinfo.co.uk and search HID for more information.

Market Demand

The life of a bulb is dependent on varying factors. This includes the type of bulb and the vehicle, the number of times vehicle lights have been switched on/off, vibration, the ease at which the glass of the bulb dissipates heat and the actual running voltage of the vehicle (which can be as high as 14.8 volts).


Automotive bulbs are typically required for two main reasons.
•  Replace faulty or failed bulbs
•  Upgrade for better light output and performance

Ring recommends the replacement of bulbs in pairs to ensure a colour match and consistent light output.

Ring assures increased efficiency and performance with a range of innovative lighting products. For example, the new Xenon 130 offers up to 130% more light on the road than standard bulbs. Ring has a range of LED replacements (for off-road use only) and bulb kits to fit most vehicles.

Range Profile

The Ring range consists of approximately 600 bulb references (931 part numbers across all packaging types), which is around 200 additional bulb references when compared with the competition.

The full range includes:
•  Bulbs for passenger and commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles
•  Standard Halogen and Festoon, Long Life, Premium, Performance Xenon, HID (High Intensity Discharge), Rally, Prism, Rapid Response and LED bulbs
•  Headlamps, side repeater, fog, indicator, DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps), high level brake, tail, reverse, number plate interior and panel bulbs
•  6, 12, 24, 48, 80 and 85 volt bulbs

Ring also offer TruckMaster 24 volt bulbs for commercial vehicles are manufactured to OE specification and offer superb quality and long life performance. These provide substantial cost savings against vehicle downtime and maintenance costs.

FPS offers over 750 part numbers from the range in single, box, blister packs and trade packs. Each branch stocks approximately 300 of the most popular parts available the same-day and the remainder for next-day delivery.

Cataloguing & Support

All Ring bulbs are represented on MAM Autocat+ within the Lighting > Bulbs > Bulbs section and FPS’ e-catalogue, the F:Drive, within both Components and Maintenance & Accessories sections.

A technical bulb catalogue and product-specific supporting literature are available from FPS, along with bulb charts, product videos, e-flyers and sales support flyers.

Quality Accredited

Ring’s commitment to quality is underpinned by innovation and the brand constantly strives to provide customers with superior products through excellent service. Ring has made substantial investments in both testing equipment and personnel to create a Quality Assurance Department. The in-house lab enables Ring to independently develop and pioneer innovative technologies, which can be incorporated into their products to provide better lighting solutions.

Included in the Ring Quality Assurance process are stringent quality check procedures which are undertaken on a continuous basis. The department has been independently assessed by BSI and has achieved the highest standards in Quality Assurance. The department has also been awarded ISO 9001 certification for the manufacture and assembly of automotive lighting. Ring complies with ECE Regulation 37 and WEEE Directive on the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. These initiatives all deliver an assured confidence to FPS when distributing Ring’s award winning range of bulbs to customers.


•  Ring Automotive has partnered with FPS, offering 200 additional bulb references compared to the competition.
•  750+ parts available with same/next-day delivery.
•  Range includes Standard Halogen & Festoon, Long Life, Performance, Xenon HID and LEDs.
•  E-marked bulbs available in 6, 12, 24, 48, 80 and 85 volts.
•  All Ring bulbs have a minimum 12 month warranty from the date of installation; performance bulbs have a 3 year warranty.
•  Improved marketing and technical support plus trade and retail packaging available.

Speak to your local FPS representative for more information.


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