Status International Lights the Way

With the EU directive mandating a shift towards more energy-efficient lights, LED and halogen bulbs are the way forward. FPS has introduced a range of 51 Status International lamps to help you tap into this market segment.

An EU directive in 2009 started a requirement to phase out the traditional incandescent light bulb in favour of more energy-efficient alternatives. It is estimated that by 2020, the majority of consumer lighting will be LED, which is up to 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs while halogen bulbs are around 30% more efficient.

FPS is launching a range of 23 LED and 28 halogen lamps from Status International in GLS, candle, golf ball, reflector (spotlight), GU10 and capsule shapes.


Halogen bulbs contain a tungsten filament encased in a small quartz envelope. When hot, the halogen gas combines with the tungsten atoms as they evaporate and redeposit them on the filament. This recycling process gives the filament greater longevity and allows it to run hot, meaning more light per unit of energy. On average, they have a lifetime of around 2000 hours.

LEDs or light-emitting diodes contain a semiconductor and light is created when electrons move around within this. LED bulbs are the most efficient at converting energy to light and put out far less heat than traditional bulbs. They produce the same light output as alternative technologies, whilst drawing much less electricity. On average, they have a lifetime of around 25000 hours.

The LED lamps are sold in single blister packs while the halogen bulbs are available in multipacks. They are both available  in the non-components section on the F:Drive within Site Safety & Supplies.




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