Stanley Puts Comfort on a Firm Footing

With work-related fatigue at an all-time high, Stanley® anti-fatigue utility mats help curb worker stress and increase productivity.

Reports show that companies are losing millions, owing to reduced productivity, increased worker compensation, high insurance rates and absenteeism, all caused by work-related fatigue in people who spend long hours in a standing or stationary position. Fatigue is caused by the impact of the hard floor on the limbs, leading to varicose veins, lower back and leg pain and knee injuries.

The most functional and practical solution for alleviating this is the use of an effective anti-fatigue mat, which works by encouraging subtle movement of the leg and calf muscles. As the muscles contract and relax periodically, they pump blood back to the heart, eliminating blood pooling in the lower extremities and relieving stress.

The new Stanley ® anti-fatigue utility mat has been uniquely designed to provide a combination of cushion and support and is proven to reduce fatigue and provide extra comfort at work.

Key benefits of these mats are:

• Durability: made from 100% tear-resistant polyurethane, so the mat doesn’t lose form or wear through.
• Slip-resistance: anti-skid bottom surface for better grip.
• Resistance to common fluids and chemicals found in garages, homes and workshops*.
• Bevelled edges to help prevent tripping or roll-up.

[* against fluids such as motor oil, grease, antifreeze and petrol]

In fact, the Stanley® utility mat was judged as more comfortable than four other alternative brands by a majority of participants in focus groups as well as independent tests**.

[**Rabin Research Quantitative Study, conducted in 2013]

100% of testers agreed that Stanley® mats:
• relieve pressure on their feet, legs and back
• allow them to stand for longer time without fatigue

Stanley® offers mats to suit different requirements. The utility mat is available in two different sizes to be used on its own, namely 90 x 150cm and the smaller 60 x 90cm. The diamond texture on the mats helps reduce the pressure buildup on the contact surface of the body, thus providing additional relief to the user.

Stanley® also has a knee mat that is designed to offer a smooth surface for mobile tasks such as painting, tiling, auto repair and electrical works. This is available in a 30 x 56cm size.

While offering a product that has consistently received positive reviews regarding its quality and durability, Stanley® also provides the following support to motor factors and retailers:
• Sales associate education: Stanley® provides training materials and sales tools to drive maximum sales volume.
• Merchandising and media support: Stanley® offers consumer-tested packaging to educate customers, encourage trial and move product.

The range of Stanley® utility mats is available from FPS on a next-day delivery basis.



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