Stabilus Powerise struts

Lifting The Lid With Stabilus

Did you know that FPS introduced a range of 6 POWERISE® Electric Motor Struts from Stabilus in the first half of 2019?

Boot lids and tailgates that open and close automatically are highly coveted convenience functions in passenger cars. With more demand for these functions, Vehicle Manufacturers are looking at integrating them into more vehicle models in the same way as of electric windows in their early days. POWERISE®, the electromechanical drive from Stabilus, makes this contemporary comfort possible.

Electromechanical Drives – POWERISE® Explained

The electromechanical POWERISE® drives are spindle drives, where electric drive, gears, and spindle gears are connected in series. This translates the drive’s rotary motion into a linear motion. Stabilus POWERISE® spindle drives are suitable for either single or double-sided applications and allow the spindles to operate and stop tailgates in any intermediate position. The drives are managed by the vehicle’s control system, allowing them to automatically open and close the tailgate. They also permit the opening and closing motion with the push of a button or via remote control.

Highlights Include:

214168 – POWERISE ELECTRIC MOTOR STRUT for Ford Kuga 2.0 (2014>)
228030 – POWERISE ELECTRIC MOTOR STRUT for BMW X3 Series 2.0 (2014-19)

A Wide Range

These additions complement the existing Stabilus range available from FPS which includes over 700 gas springs and dampers, covering 97% of the UK pareto. This range features both blocking and non-blocking gas springs, as well as STAB-O-SHOC® dampers.
Stabilus place an emphasis on quality with each product fulfilling international quality standards and matching OE specifications, backed up with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty. POWERISE® spindle drives are used as OE for a selection of well-regarded car manufacturers including BMW, Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, Porsche, and VW selected models.
All parts are listed on the F:Drive and catalogued on MAM (POWERISE® components can be found under Electrical/ Drive Motors) for next-day delivery from FPS. Speak to your local representative for more details.

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