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As a safety critical component, brake calipers should always be of unquestionable quality. Here, Remy explains the ways to choose a good remanufactured caliper.

Remanufactured brake calipers today are as good as the OE equivalent and represent one of the few organically growing replacement parts markets. With an annual current replacement growth of 5%, this has made brake calipers an increasingly attractive product sector for the professional UK motor factor. They offer fantastic value as a replacement part but being a safety critical item, it is essential that installers select a brand which they can be totally confident will not let them or their customers down.

Remy, one of the market leaders in remanufactured brake calipers, has a range of over 3,200 part numbers that covers 94% of the UK car parc. Remy offers a 2-year warranty on all products from the date of fitment.

The Remy brake caliper warranty returns rate is extremely low and an interesting statistic seen is that a large proportion of these warranty returns on brake calipers are ‘no fault found’. This means that there is a lot of misdiagnosis of caliper problems, resulting in technicians wrongly returning fully functional parts. Remy offers a high level of technical support to the installer as well as providing installation tips and technical bulletins to help ensure they have all the information necessary to do a professional job.

There are four common braking faults and ways to diagnose an issue:
• worn brake pads
• worn brake discs
• incorrect brake fluid levels
• sensor readings
When diagnosing, all of the above probabilities need to be checked. Only when these faults have been examined should the technician look at the caliper, starting with the sliders. If the sliders are fine, then they should make the decision that the brake caliper is faulty and should be replaced. This prevents expensive labour and material costs as well as wasted ramp time owing to misdiagnosis of the fault.

Remy is an ISO certified supplier and focuses on quality during the remanufacturing process, so the finished caliper is as good as the OE equivalent.

In addition, Remy also takes the remanufacturing process further than the vast majority of other suppliers. All Remy calipers:

• are identified by date and part number for traceability
• undergo a final air decay test, employing pressure versus time that involves testing the caliper sealing over a period of time

Remy analyses all the warranty returns during inspection, prior to professionally remanufacturing the parts, and the knowhow this provides gives them an edge over OEMs. This results in the production of remanufactured calipers that match, and sometimes are even superior to, the original OE product.  This is because Remy is able to re-engineer the OE product, thus eliminating many patent problems or faults that they identify in the original design.

With Remy, motor factors and workshops can rest assured that the remanufactured caliper will function correctly for the end-user, meaning less warranty return claims, better business and more goodwill.



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