Sogefi Group

Sogefi Group fuels filter sales

FPS offers motor factors a high quality filtration solution with Sogefi Group for cars, LCVs and HGVs.

Diesel vehicles account for half the vehicles on the UK roads, meaning a substantial opportunity to grow fuel filter sales. Sogefi Group, in partnership with FPS, caters to this market through its Fram and SogefiPro brands.

Frequent diesel fuel filter changes have become an acceptable periodic maintenance procedure for modern diesel engines. Due to the makeup of the diesel fuel, deposits may form and accumulate, clogging diesel fuel filters, damaging high pressure fuel pumps and injectors and potentially causing extensive damage to the fuel system components.

Filter clogging can have several causes and often critical consequences. For example, low temperatures can cause wax crystallisation even in winter diesel, which could lead to fuel filter clogging. The ingress of water into the system can lead to corrosion and damage to the fuel system components.

For more information on diesel fuel filters or fuel system components, please contact your local FPS sales representative.