Sogefi Group Filters Out The Competition

Maximise your application coverage with the Sogefi Group filtration programme from FPS.

Sogefi Group, the name behind the Fram® and SogefiPro filter brands, is one of Europe’s largest OE and aftermarket filtration specialists, delivering OE credentials as well as all-makes, OE quality aftermarket choice. Sogefi assures the quality and reliability of its filters through advanced, original technologies that are manufactured on its own OE production lines and subjected to the most demanding quality and lifetime tests.

The Sogefi Group range of filters affords FPS the coverage to provide for 96% of the vehicle parc on the same day. Access to commercial vehicle (CV) and industrial filters, as well as excellent new-to range availability, mean that it is an essential addition to the FPS filtration programme.

Filters are an essential part of any vehicle’s service schedule. Demand is high and consistent as every service will require a filter. Vehicles today require filters that offer the highest levels of quality, reliability and manufacture and in turn, provide improved fuel economy, passenger comfort and safety, whilst also aiding in prolonging the life of the vehicle.

On an average, passenger vehicles go for two filter changes every year while the number runs up to six changes per year in the case of commercial vehicles.


The primary function of any vehicle filter is simple: to prevent particles from entering its various sections. The four basic kinds of filters: air, fuel, cabin and oil and their replacement presents high and consistent demand to the aftermarket.

FPS stocks the comprehensive range of Sogefi filters consisting of the Fram® portfolio for passenger vehicles and the SogefiPro range for CV applications.

Furthermore, FPS also holds stocks for hydraulic/ transmission and water filters from Fram® available same/next-day, providing a comprehensive programme to suit all filtration needs.

The oil filter is a vital part of the lubrication process and offers total protection for correct engine operation. It also traps unwanted microscopic contaminants and prevents abrasive wear of the bearings.

It is recommended that an oil filter must be replaced with each oil change as its failure can starve the engine of oil.

FPS provides access to: more than 450 Sogefi Group oil filters for vehicles, such as Citroën C4 Picasso 1.6 HDi (2006>).

The air filter is a key component in the air inlet system which filters the air that passes through the combustion chamber.

A blocked air filter will have a direct effect on engine performance, restricting air flow into the engine.

FPS provides access to: over 1,000 air filter references from the Sogefi Group, covering applications like Ford Tourneo Connect 1.8 TDCi (2009-13).

The fuel filter is specifically more critical on diesel applications as water, dirt and particulates need to be prevented from entering the injectors and pump.

Fuel filters need regular maintenance to avoid a drop in engine performance and should always be replaced with the fuel pump.

FPS provides access to: more than 400 part references from the Sogefi Group covering vehicles such as the Citroën Relay Pro 2.2 HDi.

The cabin filter primarily prevents pollutants from entering the passenger compartment and ensures improved air quality and comfort inside the car, even in extreme weather conditions.

More than 90% of new vehicles are equipped with cabin filters and they are a standard service item, creating a strong sales and profit opportunity.

FPS provides access to: over 390 Sogefi Group cabin filters. Application highlights include Peugeot 308 2.0 HDi (2011-14).


Sogefi has a strong commitment to research and makes a considerable annual R&D spend to optimise the efficiency, size, weight and environmental compatibility of its products. Innovations include Sogefi’s exclusive zig-zag chevron pleating technique that allows 20% more filtration media to be included within a given space and delivering enhanced performance.

Sogefi has also pioneered the highly efficient Diesel3Tech™ technology, which combines three high performance filtration materials in a single filter element to achieve up to 95% filtration for particles down to 4μm; and up to 99% of contaminating water.

Furthermore, Sogefi endeavours to protect the environment and ensures that the Fram® filters are increasingly compact and lightweight; reducing the raw materials and recycling required.


• More than 2,100 parts in range, all available through FPS’ same/next-day delivery service.
• Europe’s best-in-class parc coverage in every automotive filter category, from 99% for replacement oil and fuel filters to 96% for air and cabin filters.
• Regular new-to-range developments available to aid stock management.
• The whole Sogefi Group programme is available to order on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat+.



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