Sensitive Damping Control Shock Absorbers Increase Driver Comfort & Safety

BOGE cover common shock absorber faults and elaborate on their new Sensitive Damping Control technology.

Shock absorbers play a critical role in the safety of the vehicle and studies reveal that an average car would go through at least one set of replacement shocks during its lifetime. Over time, shocks absorbers deteriorate owing to several factors, such as:

•  Road unevenness like potholes and ground waves
•  Damage of the piston by salt residue, stones and water
•  General wear and tear
•  Old or worn/damaged repair kits (bump stops) or missing protective gaiters

Common Faults

A shock absorber and mounting may incur the following common faults:

•  Oil leaks: while a misting’ of oil on the outer tube is normal, larger volumes indicate a failing piston rod seal
•  Worn mountings: a compliant rubber-to-metal component. Mountings prevent the transfer of damping and suspension forces from transferring to the cabin and a deteriorated part makes this more prevalent.

The Bigger Risk

A worn shock absorber could reduce cornering stability during sudden evasive manoeuvres, increase the risk of aquaplaning, increase stopping distance by 2 to 3 metres (at 50mph) and reduce traction considerably.

The aim in shock absorber replacement should be to restore the vehicle to its original operating characteristics. It is also important to give due consideration to other suspension components which might need replacing at the same time.

A major challenge in the automotive industry is achieving greater fuel efficiency with enhancements to manufacturing techniques. Boge contributes towards these targets by manufacturing shock absorbers with lightweight materials, such as aluminium housings. These lighter weight materials help in reducing the overall weight on some vehicle applications.

New Sensitive Damping Control Technology

Boge introduces a self-contained damping system using two valves to distribute the damping characteristics, which is used on numerous Boge shock absorbers. While one of the valves is fixed to the piston rod and continuously dampens motion, the second valve is suspended between two springs which allows for a certain amount of play and only works when extra damping force is required. At full stroke, the movable valve also contributes to the overall valve performance in addition to the first and thus increases the damping for the vehicle body and axle, increasing driver comfort and safety.

Rely on Boge

FPS offers an extensive portfolio of Boge shock absorbers, across all major vehicle manufacturers on the UK roads. The OE quality of Boge shock absorbers enables simple replacement with precision parts and assures the end-user of the quality, comfort and durability of the original factory specification.

FPS also stocks the Boge shock absorber service kit, to complement many applications in range that need them. The service kit comprises a spring assister or bump stop and a gaiter that protects the shock absorber piston rod from road debris.


•  Tested alongside other steering and suspension components in the vehicle during the development stage, enabling better fit and performance.
•  Unlike a low–priced option, the OE quality and precision-manufactured parts assure that safety critical systems (ABS, electronic steering, ESP, to name a few) within the vehicle will not be compromised.

Supported by FPS’ efficient stockholding and distribution arrangements, a range of Boge shock absorbers is now available the same/next-day. Speak to your local FPS representative for further details.


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