Royal Caravan and Canvas Cleaning

Royal introduces a comprehensive range of cleaning and sanitation chemicals, specifically formulated for caravans, tents and awnings.

With a wide range of camping and caravanning products already available, Royal continues to expand their range of products to cater for end-to-end travel and leisure needs. Royal’s latest cleaning and sanitation chemicals have been tried and tested to ensure they provide high-performance results in the user’s home away from home.

Consistent with the Royal brand identity, all chemicals are packaged to be well-represented on the shelves. The competitive pricing creates better potential for fast-moving sales. With 12 purpose-formulated products in range, Royal has organised their chemicals into 4 sub-categories:


  • Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner, 2L (400108)
  • Winter Protection, 2L (400109)
  • Acrylic Glass Cleaner, 750ml (400101)
  • Black Streak Remover, 750ml (400102)


  • Awning and Tent Cleaner, 750ml (400104)
  • Awning and Tent Re-proofer, 750ml (400105)


  • Multi-surface Cleaner, 750ml (400103)
  • Fabric Freshener, 750ml (400107)


  • Flush Blue Toilet Fluid, 2L (400110)
  • Flush Pink Toilet Rinse, 2L (400112)
  • Grey Waste Water Tank Freshener, 2L (400113)
  • Toilet Fluid and Rinse, 2L (400114)

Royal cleaning and sanitation chemicals are catalogued in the Leisure section of the F:Drive. The full information leaflet is available to view HERE. For further enquiries, please speak to your local FPS representative.