Royal brings ‘a breath of fresh air’ to the OTS

The FPS Leisure team exhibited its extensive range of brands at the Outdoor Trade Show (OTS) in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire in September 2015.

Under the proprietary brand Royal At home out there, a complete new range of inflatable tents and awnings was the key launch. The Royal aspect of the show profiled branding that included the strap line ‘a breath of fresh air’, focusing on the inflatable nature of the products. The whole range was extremely well received and the Leisure sales team secured excellent pre-orders for next Spring.

The FPS team also focused on five of its key Leisure partners, namely Mont Blanc, ThoMar, RAC Pet Travel, Sport Direct Cycle Accessories and Igloo. Each brand was given a dedicated space and marketed accordingly. This allowed the team to demonstrate the full depth of the portfolio available to the Leisure customer and further cement FPS as a one stop Leisure solution.

For those of you who missed the opportunity to view the Leisure offering at the OTS, there is a chance to visit the Product Showroom at the FPS National Distribution Centre at Sheffield. Speak to your local FPS representative to book an appointment or for information on Royal At home out there or any of the key partner brands.