Rev it up with GS Motorcycle Batteries

GS Batteries offers one of the widest ranges of motorcycle aftermarket batteries in the UK.

There are over 150 references available from GS Batteries so that users can find an exact match for their original battery. Four distinct battery ranges encompass conventional batteries, the conventional CB series, the maintenance-free AGM and the high-performance AGM batteries.


The GS motorcycle battery range offers three battery types and depending upon the application, can be a choice of:
• Dry Charged (DC): a battery without acid which needs to be filled.
Separate acid bottles are available in two sizes: 500cc and 985cc.
• Wet Charged (WC): a filled and charged battery.
The open circuit voltage (OCV) needs to be checked on a regular basis and may need periodic charging.
• Combi Pack (CP): a battery complete with a pre-measured acid pack.
Contains the correct level of acid required to fill the battery.

Combi pack batteries are growing in popularity due to the simplicity of filling the battery; unlike dry charged batteries, a combi pack comes with the exact amount of acid required to fill it, ensuring that the battery is not under or overfilled. It is also a safer way to fill motorcycle batteries.

Wet charged batteries are used in certain high-performance/superbike applications, where the YTZ type battery is required for exact OE replacement and are unique to GS Batteries.

FPS’ main focus is on the GS combi pack range, with 26 of the most popular references in stock, available for next-day delivery.


GS conventional batteries use the patented Polymion technology and an advanced separator technology to reduce resistance and generate 30% more starting power than other conventional batteries as well as shorter charge time and superior charge retention.

GS conventional CB series uses a special lead alloy to reduce self-discharge which offers maximised starting power, even after months of storage. The CB series uses an active material compound designed to resist vibration and features the most advanced technological battery construction methods.

Both the conventional and conventional CB ranges of batteries are ideal for accessory-laden touring bikes and modified vehicles.

GS maintenance-free AGM batteries are permanently sealed batteries that never need refilling.

GS high-performance AGM batteries are loaded with features, providing the highest reliability with the most cranking power. They are equipped with GS gas recombinant technology which eliminates water loss. Once filled with electrolyte, the battery is permanently sealed, meaning no more checking of electrolyte levels, therefore protecting valuable bikes, parts and accessories from electrolyte damage. The GS high performance AGM range has all the features of a standard maintenance-free battery.

Both the AGM high performance and maintenance-free ranges are good for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, utility vehicles, riding mowers, personal watercrafts and snowmobiles.


• Absorbent Glass Mat separators: for faster recharging and higher performance
• Compressed plate packs: to protect against damage due to vibration and maximise cycle life
• Factory-sealed and activated


All GS motorcycle batteries offer the industry standard six month warranty and may require periodic charging when fitted.



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