Returns Policy


All definitions in this document are as stated in the Ferraris Piston Service Ltd (“FPS”) Terms and Conditions of Sale unless otherwise stated.


FPS will at its discretion accept the return for credit of product or products purchased from FPS (“Product”) by the customer (“Customer”) subject to the following arrangements and conditions.

a) Returns will only be accepted and credit given where the following criteria are met:

  • i) The Product must be returned to FPS within 14 days of the original delivery date to the Customer
  • ii) The Product must have originally been purchased by the Customer from FPS and be the original Product in the original packaging supplied
  • iii) The Product must be:
  1. in a re-saleable condition;
  2. not fitted or marked;
  3. complete and working;
  4. packaging not defaced in anyway;
  5. in the case of non re-sealable packaging, unopened and undamaged;
  6. where supplied in tamper evident packaging, that packaging must not have been opened
  • iv) The returned Product must be accompanied by details of the original documentation, including invoice/ advice note number, purchase date and customer account number
  • v) A maximum of ten items can be sent back per returns note / at any one time
  • vi) The Product is not a special order for a FPS non-stocked part
  • vii) The Product is still within any applicable date code or shelf life criteria

b) FPS will endeavour to credit the value of the returned Product to the Customer’s account within 48 working hours wherever possible, at the original purchase cost.

  • i) Any queries about such credit must be raised within 30 days of that credit being issued
  • ii) If a return has been made and the Customer wishes to query either the value of the credit raised, whether a credit has been raised or why a return has been rejected, that must be done with 90 days of the return, otherwise FPS has no further obligation relating to that return
  • iii) Returns queries will not be investigated less the Customer retains and is able to provide a copy of a properly authorised “Proof of Return” note
  • iv) Customers are not permitted to withhold payments against outstanding returns queries without prior agreement
  • v) Returns credits cannot be deducted from payment unless the original invoice that credit relates to has already been paid

c) Charging arrangements for returned Product are as follows:

  • i) Where Product is returned within the 14 day period in good faith and on FPS own transport, then no charge will be made
  • ii) Where Product cannot be returned on FPS own transport, the Customer must pay the cost of returning the Product unless otherwise agreed in advance with FPS
  • iii) Where at least 80% of Product is returned within 14 days per c(i) above, then no charge will be made for the balance of items returned provided they are done so within one month
  • iv) Where the level of returns by a Customer reach a level that FPS consider excessive, then FPS will, following notification to the Customer, charge a handling charge to the Customer equivalent to 25% of the value of all further Product returned



FPS will accept returns of ‘Old Core’ for credit in respect of Surcharges attached to the sale of Product subject to the following terms and arrangements:

a) Products that FPS sells to Customers that carry a surcharge will be identified on the accompanying delivery advice / invoice.

b) Old Core will only be credited in accordance with the following, unless agreed differently under an authorised stockist scheme:

  • i) The Product to which the Old Core relates must have been purchased from FPS within one month of the date of return
  • ii) Credit will only be given to the Customer in the respect of Old Core returns to the extent that FPS is able to recover a credit from its own supplier
  • iii) Credit will not be given for any units which are damaged either internally or externally, which are not like for like units with that supplied, or which are incomplete
  • iv) Under no circumstances will credit be given for over returns at part number level
  • v) The “Old Core” unit MUST either be labelled with the Customers name, returning location, and the correct part number or must be returned in the box that the new unit from FPS was supplied in
  • vi) The provision to FPS of the advice note number and date from the advice note relating to the Product against which it is being returned

c) The maximum credit given will be the original Surcharge value of the Surcharge attached to the Product supplied.

d) If FPS should credit a Customer in good faith for an item of Old Core which the Customer has returned, and then FPS’s supplier reject that item for credit when returned to them, then FPS will re-invoice the Customer for that Old Core item and where possible return the item to the Customer.

e) Charging arrangements for returning Old Core are as follows:

  • i) Where Old Core is returned in good faith and on FPS own transport, then no charge will be made
  • ii) Where Old Core cannot be returned on FPS own transport, the Customer must pay the cost of returning the Old Core f) Where a Customer consistently returns Old Core that is not eligible for credit, then FPS reserves the right, subject to prior notification to the Customer, to either stop taking returns of Old Core from the Customer or to levy a 25% handling charge on the gross value of all Old Core returned, whether then credited or not.

g) For valid Old Core returns FPS undertake to try to credit the goods to the Customer’s account within 5 Business Days if the Old Core is visibly identified on site at FPS or within 20 working days if the part in question requires verification from the supplier.


This Returns Policy is incorporated in the FPS Terms and Conditions of Sale. Where there is any conflict between the two then the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Policies relating to warranty returns and claims for damaged goods are contained in the FPS Terms and Conditions of Sale.Should a Customer cease purchasing from FPS, be unable  to pay their account when it falls due, or cease trading, then any further returns of Product or Old Core will only be accepted at the absolute discretion of FPS.

FPS reserves the right to vary this policy from time to time in accordance with their business requirements.