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Top Products for Restoring your Classic Car to Former Glory

With a growing number of classic car enthusiasts turning to restoring their dream vehicles themselves, the market for classic car restoration products is growing fast.

With prices of restored classic or cherished vehicles sadly out of the reach of the average collector, more and more enthusiasts are turning to restoring their dream vehicles themselves. These projects become very emotionally tied to the owners, demanding ‘only the best’ for their maintenance requirements.

Classic car restoration can be a time-consuming process, so having the right tools and products will help save time. FPS has recently launched a comprehensive e-brochure that focuses on classic car restoration.

Although rust treatment is one of the most popular repairs, classic vehicles may also have mechanical issues, need replacement parts, bodywork finishing, spray painting and interior and exterior valeting to restore them to their former glories.

6 Key Product Categories

Sub-categories within the brochure include:

  • Exterior Care & Valeting
  • Filler & Paint
  • Rust Treatment
  • Upholstery
  • Tools
  • Chassis

The e-brochure provides some guidance into the brands and type of products that a stockist should have available, to help end users restore their dream vehicles to former glories. Backed by FPS’s next-day delivery, products featured in the restoration brochure provide great ideas for sales opportunities.

For more information, speak with your local FPS representative.


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