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Rebuilding Engines and Replacing Bearings

When rebuilding an engine, some parts most definitely should be replaced instead of attempting a repair. These parts include bearings. Federal-Mogul outlines the best ways to avoid issues when replacing bearings.

There are three main enemies to a bearing when rebuilding an engine; dirt, dryness and incorrect clearance. Federal-Mogul shares the best ways to avoid issues when replacing bearings – after you’ve purchased a high quality part from a reputable manufacturer like Glyco of course. Glyco have mastered the bearing material with Glyco-188, so it makes sense they’re offering wisdom on fitting them.

Keep it clean

All components in a rebuild need to be clean, and the crankshaft spotless before reassembly. Not only will this make it easier to spot any future issues, but dirt and grime also contribute to parts wearing down faster.

Make it wet

During reassembly, thorough lubrication of all bearing surfaces and journals is crucial, and it’s also important to check the lubrication system is in perfect working order.

Give it space

Sufficient bearing clearance is another crucial factor. Insufficient clearance will squeeze oil out between crankshaft and bearing, leaving a dangerously thin oil film which won’t prevent friction and wear.

Friction between the bearing and shaft causes the shaft to ride up the bearing as the shaft’s rotation drags oil into the wedge formed between the two surfaces. Oil pressure here can be up to several thousand pounds per square inch (PSI), preventing the oil pump (maximum pressure around 60psi) from circulating oil to the bearing surfaces. Correct clearances will overcome this problem.

Give it quality

Even if you follow all the advice in this post, it’s irrelevant if you use a substandard bearing. Glyco bearings have become a popular choice in the industry through a combination of leading technology, product reliability and strong customer support. They offer a superb range of over 1500 OE quality parts, available from FPS for same/ next-day delivery. Speak to your local representative for full details or see the whole range on the F:Drive.

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