How to Replace Your Control Arms & Console Bush Correctly

FEBI share some technical input on control arm and console bush replacements. Find out more in this latest edition of VITAL NEWS.

Like any steering and suspension component, control arm bushes need to have a durable construction to withstand the challenging conditions they operate in. Their lifespan can also be shortened by road and weather conditions.

Worn steering and suspension components can cause issues such as knocking or creaking noises over uneven road surfaces. This can lead to uneven tyre wear, poor handling and vague steering.

febi bilstein has the solution for steering and suspension repairs. By strengthening the control arm bush with four rubber bars, febi’s control arm can withstand large loads even under poor road surface and weather conditions.



In order to ensure longevity of the repair job, it is important to adhere to the best practices below:

  • Wheel should be removed when replacing the bush. This provides the best opportunity to inspect the wheel and tyre damage. If tyre tread has worn out atypically, it is indicative of steering issues.
  • Wheel bolt threads should also be examined for damage and replaced if necessary.
  • Following this, remove the lower ball joint by removing the retaining nut first. This may require the use of a joint splitter if the joint is seized in place. The track control arm will then need to be removed after removing its retaining bolt.

It is also important to clean the housing during repair to remove any alloy corrosion and ease the installation of the new bush. The installer should observe the correct orientation of the control arm bush during this process.

Installers are advised to pay attention to the torque settings recommended by vehicle manufacturers. This will be necessary for the front retaining bolt and wheel bolts when replacing the parts after the repair. Once the steering or suspension component is replaced, it is advisable to check the wheel alignment against the manufacturer’s settings and adjust as necessary.



Any work carried out on vehicles should be finalised with a road test to ensure that the replaced parts are operating correctly.

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febi offers a complete replacement solution that includes a track control arm kit, ball joint, console and front bush. To avoid the adverse effects of improper fitting, each kit also includes important fitting information.

Installers can also visit febi LIVE for comprehensive information guides that clearly states the correct orientation of the control arm bush. Abiding by these guidelines help optimise the vehicle’s handling performance and component service lifespan.


To address more complex issues, the febi technical team can be reached via telephone on 01977 691 105 or email,

febi’s range of tested steering and suspension components are available from FPS via same/next-day delivery and catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat. For more information, please speak to your local FPS representative.



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