Remy rotating electrics for HGV

FPS has doubled its Remy HD range with 140 additional new and remanufactured, high quality rotating electrics parts with HGV suitability.

With more than 100 years of experience, Remy is one of the leading suppliers of rotating electrics parts to the aftermarket.

Remy HD Alternators: The enhanced efficiency ratings of Remy high-output alternators provide fleets with measurable fuel savings.  Remy high-output alternators feature a durable brushless design, meaning fewer moving parts and less wear on the alternator.  Additionally, the Remy HD alternators are equipped with remote sense technology that allows the alternator to boost output in order to compensate for voltage drop, ensuring 14 volts at the battery and can reduce battery charge time by as much as 50%. FPS has added 65 HD alternators to its range in the past 12 months.

Remy HD Starter Motors:  Designed to crank even in the toughest applications, the Remy over crank protection (OCP) technology shields fleets from thermal damage.  OCP is a built-in circuit breaker that automatically resets at a safe operating temperature and protects the starter motor in adverse starting conditions, such as cold weather cranking, lower battery capacity, high starting circuit resistance or operator misuse. FPS added 75 HD starter motors to its range in the past 12 months.

Remy’s patented internal magnetic solenoid switch (IMSS) enhances starter motor reliability, where the input current is controlled by the ECM to protect against voltage spikes.  It is a one-wire design integrated inside the solenoid that protects it from corrosion caused by environmental factors and damage due to vibration.

All parts are available next-day from FPS. Phone your local FPS branch for more information.